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“Action on the statue has enlivened the debate in a way we never did on the subject” 

While it was not shared in the Speech from the Throne, the government intends to construct a national park for all Bahamians named as national heroes, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell.

“Well, the policy of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), which was when we were last in opposition, is that there ought to be — first of all we brought the legislation, so that’s done — but that a national park has to be created,” Mitchell said.

“We did a groundbreaking just shortly before we left office.

“The park is supposed to be at the top of Fort Charlotte going south into the Botanic Gardens.

“If you go there, you will see that it’s all grown up and a fence is put up so people can’t get to it.

“But…the idea is to develop a national park and it would have all of the people that have been declared national heroes and those other people who are deserving of honors in that park, so people can see who contributed to the growth and development of the country.

“That’s our policy.”

The PLP spoke to a national park during the lead-up to the general election.

Colonial monuments in the country have once again become the subject of national debate after Shervandaze Smith took a sledgehammer to the Christopher Columbus statue at Government House on Saturday.

As he struck the statue, Smith referred to himself as the “archangel”, lamented the actions of Columbus and shouted that he was taking The Bahamas back in what has been dubbed an anti-colonial act.