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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises members of the public that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Fred Mitchell participated in the 15th Special Meeting of the Council of Foreign Relations (COFCOR) in Miami from 16th – 17th October, 2021, at the Consulate General of Jamaica. Accompanying the Minister was Foreign Service Officer, Kenneth Wallace Whitfield.

Discussions were held on, among other things, matters relating to COVID-19, Climate Change, the United Nations, the African Diaspora, the Commonwealth of Nations, and diplomatic relations within the western hemisphere. During the meeting, Minister Mitchell emphasized the need for CARICOM Member States to take its place more firmly among the council of nations, particularly by putting forth reputable candidates to occupy positions at multiple levels in various international bodies.

The Bahamas will continue to work harmoniously with Member States of CARICOM, and play a constructive role on such matters of importance to the Community.