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photographed: Mr. Tavares Strachan, International Bahamian Artist, P.M. Hon. Phillip “Brave” Davis, and Mr. Ari Burrows, Vice President Goldman Sachs.

Miami, Florida- Prime Minister Davis attends Art Basel Miami Beach to view the artwork of International Bahamian artist Tavares Strachan.  Art Basel Miami Beach along with Mr. Strachan hosted the Prime Minister as a VIP Guest on today’s date.  

PM stands in front of Mr. Strachan’s “Red Gold and Green 2021” art installation on display at the Art Basel Miami Beach.

Mr. Tavares Strachan was born in Nassau, Bahamas and lives and works between New York, USA and London, UK.

Prime Minister Davis is meeting with international artist investors in hopes of creating lifetime investments for the country.

He has promised to increase the Government’s investment in the Arts, which funds music, theatre, dance and visual arts. 

PM Davis has committed to the advancement and promotion of cultural talents on the national and international stage with greater development for cultural art export and the sale of wares abroad.

Art Basel Miami Beach officially opened its gallery on 30th November and will run until 4th December 2021.