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Repatriation of Bahamian nationals and permanent residents during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Bahamas Government is sensitive to the needs of Bahamians who are dislocated and/or in distress due to closure of the country’s border in light of the global spread of COVID-19. At this time, The Bahamas Government has decided to permit entry of Bahamian nationals and permanent residents currently displaced abroad and plans are in place for the repatriation all persons in this regard.

The goal of The Bahamas Government is to have all Bahamians and permanent residents impacted by the closure of the border return home at this time. The repatriation of persons in the midst of a lingering pandemic will occur over several phases. This phased approach will ensure a seamless process that allows for adequate preparation such as COVID 19 testing before departure, unless otherwise approved to have the test administered upon arrival in The Bahamas, flight schedules and clearances, and determining self-isolation or quarantine in a Government operated facility.

Phase one (1) of the repatriation process will be the return of nationals within the Florida jurisdiction. Information on the remaining phases will be provided shortly. The Bahamas Government urges, in the interim, that all national and residents comply with the health measures where they are currently located and to remain patient during the process.

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